Welcome to S & S Custom Embroidery! We are a family owned business here to personalize anything your mind creates. We pride ourselves in offering our customers quality embroidery for an affordable price. We embroider Corporate Logos, Dance/Cheer Teams, School/Sports Teams and Crafts on a wide variety of apparel and accessories (Polos, Button Downs, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Towels, Blankets, Aprons, Bags and more!) And the best part…There are no minimum orders!

Embroidery provides one-of-a-kind gifts!

Embroidered Pillow Cases

With all the goodies available in the market today, it is really hard to find something unique to give to our loved ones. In some ways, the symbolic value of gifts seems to be at lost due to the growing uniformity of contemporary items today. Although, it has been consistently said that "it is the thought that counts" when you give presents to people, you should never forget that gifts should hold symbolic value that is important to the person to whom you would be giving the present to. Inscriptions, symbolic designs, love motifs and imagery could easily exemplify the meaning of a gift, so that even utilitarian objects can present symbolic repertoire. And what better way to achieve all these things than by giving personalized embroidery gifts.

To embroider a gift is to adorn it with a definitive and distinctive finishing touch that is all your own. After you have given it shape, you are able to give such gift a unique personality that seems to possess intimacy, efficacy and authority. With embroidered gifts you can let your imagination run freely-pretty flowers embroidered in curtains, geometric designs on pillow cases, monograms and written messages on different kinds of garments. Embroidery is such a delightful and flexible form of expression that regardless if you enjoy the traditional means of stitching or if you use an embroidery machine to enhance your craft the end result will always be one-of-a-kind gifts that hold the highest form of symbolic value.

Add Corporate Branding!

Most companies provide its employees with specific style of dress for work. The dress code usually depends on the nature and characteristics of a certain company or business. Typically, dress codes for work are classified as business attire, business casual, and casual. In business attire, the clothing should be tailored and well-fitting such as men in business suit and tie paired with pressed trousers and women in skirts and a nice blouse. And for the shoes, they should be in well-polished dress shoes. Meanwhile, for companies with business casual dress code, the clothing is a little bit conservative yet fashionable. Button-down shirts, trousers, blouses, sport coats, and skirts are just some of the employees' options. Loafers or similar styles of closed-toes shoes are accepted except for sneakers. Wearing of sandals should e avoided too. When it comes to a business with casual dress for work, employees may choose from a pair of jeans with nice shirts or polo shirts. And sneakers this time are acceptable.

Though employees may differ from the styles of their work uniforms, there is still one thing that is often common to them all. And that is the company logo incorporated on their uniform. This company logo makes the employees look more credible and authentic. Aside from that, custom embroidered logos on the shirts of employees also help enhance the company's branding. The employees instantly become "walking ads with style" for the company every time they wear their uniform logo shirts. And because of that, people who see or meet these employees in customized uniform shirts become aware of the products and services of a certain corporation. Another good thing that can be brought by custom embroidery on the uniform shirts is clients can easily recognized who are the persons to approach in a certain establishment.

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